Friday, July 13, 2018

Pain memes

I posted the wrong set of memes on the Severe pain blog entry so here the right ones are

Uplifting Memes

I thought looking up uplifting memes may help my moods and depression so here is what i found that really liked :)

Severe Pain Flare

I have not updated this blog in almost 3 months, yikes! I went into a depression at one point and took awhile to come out and now am slipping back into it again. I am fighting harder this time not too let it take over though. It is almost 3 am and i have only had 2 hours sleep, i tried laying in bed not happening, finally about midnight ill 2 am dozed in my recliner. I either dont sleep or i sleep and am still beyond exhausted. I am in the worst pain i been in, in months right now. I figured i better blog about it and let others who understand know, maybe someone has some feedback I don't know.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Miscarriage Anniversary And Awareness

This is a hard and heartfelt post for me. I been trying to keep it up beat but today is not. Eight years ago today my late husband and i lost baby number 3 to miscarriage we lost 4 total. I had thought April 3rd was when i lost the baby but no that was the day i went to the Er for bleeding but ultra sound and blood work said baby was fine. Thanks to Face Book i know it was today due to the memories it reminds you with everyday from each year. To my Angel Babies, i will ALWAYS love you and hold you dear to my heart. I love you with all my heart and even though i never held you, i will never forget you and loved you from the moment i found out i was pregnant! I love each and every one of you and no matter what i always will! Miscarraige is hard on BOTH parents not just the mother and people forget that. Also people tell me i am not a mom because my babies are not here but in heaven and i have no child i held in my arms. I still held them in my belly near my heart! They are the only ones to hear my heart from the inside! I will never forget my babies and i will always have a pain in my heart longing to hold them, but i know one day i will meet them in heaven! Until then they are with my husband in heaven and others i have lost!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Severe Pain and Frustration

Moms surgery was 3 weeks ago today and the day after i woke up in a horrible fibro flare, it eased a little for a while then now the past week or more its been the worst all over pain i have ever been in and making my hip bad and back worse. I saw my Internal Medicine PA yesterday who is my PCP and she said I am in the worst fibro flare of my life and the i have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which goes with it. I can sleep all night and wake up exhausted. Plus i have very low Vitamin D but i am on meds for that and we will recheck in 2 months. I am under a lot of stress and i am wondering if that's whats causing this flare to be so bad. She upped how often i take Motrin and if that doesn't help she will add in steroids because you can see the inflammation on my hands etc and its making the pain worse.